【Koichi Shibata Project Works】が、AmazonでCD発売開始‼

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7/2に先行発売されたアルバム【Koichi Shibata Project Works】が、

入手不可能だった #めいどりーみん さんに提供楽曲も10曲収録

Koichi Shibata Project Works
CD Get!⇒ ♬ https://amazon.co.jp/dp/B08CPG3B2G/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_apa_i_ryJgFbT9A32AD

The album [Koichi Shibata Project Works] released in advance on 2/July
CD release on Amazon from 23/July

19 years old. The original song ([Crimson]/CM tie-up) written by Koichi Shibata for the first time before the debut of the artist was added to the first recording as a bonus track.
10 songs provided by #Maidreamin that were not available until now

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